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Draw It is now available to be looked up.
Splegg is now available to be looked up.
BedWars is now available to be looked up.
BlockParty is now available to be looked up.
Hide and Seek is now available to be looked up.
While on a player page, clicking on a game on the sidebar will change to that players' stats for the selected game.
Using the search bar while being on the general game page will look up the stats for the player for that game.
Staff changes now have notifications.
These are only for registered users, they are displayed in the top right(on Desktop only) of the page.
Desktop notifications are optional and can also be enabled.
They are disabled by default, but can be enabled by going into the Settings.
Added the ability for registered users to be able to pick an emoji.
Added the option to pick your own timezone as a registered user.
Added trophies to the player page.
Mostly true to the HiveMC profile page, few colours changed and a few icons switched out.

The staff team page is now auto-updating.
Player page is now done.
Lookup is now semi-functional.
Base design of the player profile/stats pages has been done.
Login and registration page have been added.
Login is functional, work on registration has started.
Designed the Staff Team page, inspired by hive.lergin.
Created the base design.

To-Do List

Design the Staff Team page.
Automatically update the page with the recent staff changes.
Design the about page.
Explain what this site is about.
Design the contact page.
Have links to social media.
Have some way to register.
Find a way to activate accounts, possibly the Mojang API.
Or have a manual way for those that do not like to login to their Mojang account on a foreign website. i.e. PM me on Discord with verification that it is your account.
Another option would be a small MC server solely for authentication, but requires a server and a plugin to handle it.

Registration is done with a server for first-time authentication.
Design the profile page.
Search functionality.
Possibly have auto-complete if they've been looked up before.
Design the base layout for the stats pages.
Registered users are able to request to get a "clan" based on a forum thread they provide.
Once approved they'll be able to add users to a list that periodically gets updated.
They'll receive notifications about any game rank, hive rank or name changes.
This will also provide a history log to see who got added/removed and or any changes to a user.
Registered users will be able to set up tournaments, this will be a bracket style tournament.
Size undetermined, prizes(if applicable) should be listed by the owner of the tournament.
Registered users will be able add social media links on their player card.
i.e. Forum Account, Steam, Discord, Skype, YouTube, Github, SnapChat, Twitter, Twitch, Tumblr